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incites provides a behind the scenes look at the scientists, journals, institutions, nations, and papers selected by ISI Essential Science Indicators Web product. Read interviews and first-person essays about people in a wide variety of fields and professions. View selected overall and field rankings, pertinent statistics on the principles behind the data, the latest version of the database, including new entrants and most improved entities in the rankings, information on field definitions, citation thresholds, and graphing trends. Updated weekly is SCI-BYTES: a summary of what’s new in research.

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Dr. Raymond DingledineDr. Raymond Dingledine of Emory University discusses his highly cited work on glutamate receptors and their role in neurologic diseases, particularly epilepsy...Read the article
Eleanor J. Sullivan, editor of the Journal of Professional Nursing Eleanor J. Sullivan, editor of the Journal of Professional Nursing, provides some insight into the factors influencing the citation record of this journal...Read the article
GermanyCountry rankings for Germany in the field of Pharmacology & Toxicology...Read the article
Professor Ulrich FörstermannProfessor Ulrich Förstermann discusses his career in pharmacology research...Read the article
Dr. Stephen KowalczykowskiDr. Stephen Kowalczykowski of the University of California at Davis talks about his highly cited paper that ranks among the top 15 highly cited papers in the field of Microbiology...Read the article
The Cleveland Clinic FoundationThe Cleveland Clinic Foundation's chairman of the Department of Immunology: Dr. Thomas Hamilton, discusses his department’s research as it relates to his institution as a whole...Read the article


- What's New in Research
What's really hot in research? Each week, the ISI Research Services Group provides an update based on their Research Performance & Evaluation Tools.
New Entrants to ESI Rankings
The most-cited new entrants in each of ISI Essential Science Indicators 22 fields, for the most recent bimonthly update, and for earlier updates as well.
Most Improved
A listing of the most-improved entities in each of ISI Essential Science Indicators 22 fields, for the most recent bimonthly update, and for earlier updates as well.
incites, is dedicated to providing commentary and analysis on some of the most important scientific advances of our time in the words of the scientists who made those advances. It is designed to complement the citation count rankings featured in ISI Essential Science Indicators  Web product from ISI, a ten-year compilation of citation statistics on scientific authors, papers, institutions, countries, and journals; updated bimonthly. Read more about incites.
Other Editorial Components of ISI Essential Science Indicators:
Science Watch® - tracking trends and performance in basic research.
ISI publishes Science Watch, the subscription newsletter that uses the unique citation data of ISI to provide rankings, interviews, and reports on today's most significant science. 

ESI Special Topics
Special Topics provides citation analyses and expert commentary for selected scientific research areas that have experienced notable recent advances as indicated in the ESI database. 

in-cites, April 2002 - Citing URL: - Tracking Trends and Perfomance in Basic Research
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